vendredi 11 décembre 2015




"Hello to you who reading this, first i want to apologies for my bad English i'm a french citizen and i'll do my best for you to understand what i'm gonna explain right below. Promise it will not be long."

So as you know or may seen on their website page or on their Instagram Page.
they selling badass looking watches for a affordable price (that's what they say).
The truth is, behind all this good looking pictures and "nice price" that you thinking is.
All their watches are MADE IN CHINA and not manufactured in LONDON like they say.
That's what they want you to believe of their nonexistant prestige. 

The original brands of theses watches are Shenhua, Winner, Jaragar, Junming and many more 
on some of their pictures if you look carefully you can see the og brand.
They just want to hide the og brand behind the hands of the clock.

So the point is those watch originally cost 5 or 10 bucks at least. 
You can find these watches on Ebay or Amazon like any other website if you know what to type or make an effort for searching.

SO guys don't be DUMB, don't buy their watches at the prices range they sell on their website. 
You can find the same for nothing shipping cost include if you really want them.

Hope you guys haven't buy any of their stuff.
They may sell you broken stuff, and they really don't care at all !
when you try to ask a refund or find an arrangement. They will ignore you and block you on their IG page when you post a comment to tell they sell garbage stuff etc.
Is it fair ? i don't think so; They are just scammers who wan't take your money.

Those of you who bought their watches and pretend to be happy with it.
the only think i wanna just to tell you is GOOD FOR YOU. Because i got the same for less lol

Hope this will help.

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